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These are called vocal multi-effects pedals.
Not all vocal processors allow you to control a wide range of effects like compression, delay/reverb or EQ. Some are more basic when it comes to this and only offer core effects. If your music style is more experimental it’s probably recommended to look for more exotic voicings.

The main adjustment knob of the distorter, used to adjust the degree of distortion, from light distortion to complete distortion, from clear to hoarse sound.
Sensitivity: used to adjust the initial response speed of a note, which acts as a tactile response when playing.
This button is used in the delay or reverb to adjust the delay time of the sound to produce a reverb to echo effect.
These adjustment knobs are not completely separate, and each adjustment knob is associated with each other and must be carefully adjusted to achieve satisfactory results. As long as you have been groping for a while, you will be able to master the adjustment method of the effect.
It is lightweight!

On the other hand, it has three styles of reverb effects that can effectively improve the sound of the guitar.
The most important thing is that these controls are easy to adjust, and beginners can benefit from these effects in a matter of minutes.
Looping and Vocal Effects
Some vocal processors permit you to regulate some good effects, such as EQ, reverb/delay or compression. Some devices are basic while you consider core effects. If a style of naat is experimental and it is perhaps suggested to gaze for exotic voicing.
Tascam TA-1VP
The Tascam TA-1VP is not a cheap vocal processor, but it’s worth every penny if you’ve been looking for the perfect effects processors for performing live on stage.
You can also use it to get a more polished sound when recording in the studio. In fact, the TASCAM’s TA-1VP is one of the few vocal processors with flawless Auto-Tune technology.

There’s a jack on the front panel for plugging in your microphone and phantom power for condenser microphones. There’s a dedicated button for each processing effect and a big library of classic effects to choose from.
You can set the level of the Auto-Tune module to suit your needs and conveniently retrieve your settings through the presets on the front panel. In summary, the Tascam TA-1VP is an effective and easy-to-use voice processor for studio mixdowns and/or live performances.
Key Specifications
This Vocal Effects Processor by TC helps you achieve the best voice/sound in many ways. Firstly, it improves the harmonies and weak vocals. Secondly, it corrects the pitch (Mild to Wild). Thirdly, it also supports loop and phase correction. This accessory can be operated remotely via the MP-7Mic-Control and also connects between the mixer and mic.
While this electronic processor will help you improve your singing, is easy to use, and professional-looking, cranking up the auto-tune much may make the sound a bit unnatural. Also, some people claim the device is a bit complex for newbies while others say the gender feature isn’t very reliable.

Hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals will love this electronic voice processor by TC. The unit incorporates one or two voices to your voice’s harmony with ease. This allows you to sound better even in the bad days. It is connected to the mixer and mic to achieve fuller sounds as well as a reliable handy vocal harmony pedal. The MC-Control function allows the TC-Helion MP-7microphone to be operated remotely.
Some of its advantages include excellent sound, works great, affordable, and versatile. However, it’s not compatible with some harmonicas and isn’t very feature-rich.

Key Selector:  The Key Selector lets you choose Guitar mode or individual keys.
In Guitar mode, you can use an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or even a keyboard to guide the vocal harmonies. The harmonizer will follow the chords played (but not single-note melodies) and use those chords to create the vocal harmonies in the right key.
If you choose a key and not the Guitar mode, the pedal will harmonize correctly within that key without a pitch reference other than your vocal.
One drawback is that if you sing in different keys (such as when a song modulates to a new key), you’ll have to change the key manually on the fly.

Adding some wild possibilities for your vocals, the TC Helicon VoiceTone Ceffects processor looks very promising for those with lower budgets. Among the main features of this compact device we can find sound correction from subtle to jagged HardTune, Mic Control for remote on/off toggling, and the ability to chain the unit with other VoiceTone C1’s for improving your sound even more.
Under the hood of this unit, you can expect to find the same quality processing from TC Helicon’s flagship VoiceLive vocal processors. A quiet mic preamp is also present and its reliability can rival that from high-end touring mixers providing a decent level of quality analog to digital conversion. A USB connection is included for firmware updates. The construction of the device is pretty solid, the metal casing seems to be built with durability in mind.
This vocal processor is capable of opening up some new vocal territory. It all starts with a clean correction of your voice. All that’s needed is to set the key or use the guitar input. The popular pitch-gliding HardTune effect is included and with just a simple knob twist you can sound like an alien in no time. Due to Mic Control, you can take charge of the unit right from your mic commanding both the stage and the audience.
What’s great is how you can chain it to other identical units for mixing and matching effects which create your own personal sound. Article. It can also work nicely with Ditto Mic Looper, the looping pedal for singers. Using the Singles Connect Kit, you can mix and match a maximum of four vocal effect pedals without too much cable clutter.
As long as you understand the capabilities of the VoiceTone Cand its limits you won’t be disappointed. It can’t do magic for your vocals but it provides good correction and decent enhancements for this price. Looking back over its features, this remains a safe recommendation if you have an interest in a relatively inexpensive but great quality vocal processor..

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